WooServers Review #1: My best decision to date in business

Nov 11 2012

I couldn’t believe my luck when I accessed WooServers amazing services because they offer plethora of options which captivated my imagination. Powered by Xeon processors, they have been the lynchpin of my small business enterprise and provided seamless facilities to our intranet websites. I quickly scanned through the entire gamut of plans and was astounded by the configurations of 32 GB servers at unbelievable prices. As an owner of the company, I look for securing and integrating the data that has been ably managed by the Linux based VPS packages studded with a CPU speed of 1 GHz and astonishing data transfer of about one terabyte. Our team of network administrators have been delighted with exemplary services of the customer care support of the WooServers available through the chat 24*7.

Another aspect that amazed me was the technical proficiency exhibited by the reliable staff in resolving our issues during the situations when the machine faced downtime and heavy web traffic. It was extremely difficult for me to find a satisfactory solution till I bumped in to the product catalogues of the WooServers taking care of the needs of my enterprise. To be candid, we were able to remarkably raise our efficiency by many notches, boosting productivity in the process.  Priced at just 9.99$, the VPS servers have become the favorite options because the setup was quite easy to install and absolutely free of cost. Initially I was susceptible in opting for the plan, but analyzing the review and performance of WooServers, my company was convinced that we had taken one of the best and sensible decisions.  We have been using the VPS1 plan and till now our team has effectively handled all the security related threats using the super efficient tool provided by WooServers.

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