WooServers Review #2: My Choice Number 1 for Dedicated Servers

Nov 11 2012

A novice can have a very hard time to obtain the state of the art solution for hosting the website since many of the vendors offer quality which is way below the expectations. “Wow” was the world which came to my minds when I watched the technical features of the WooServers. Series of virtual servers on the Xeon based technology has dramatically improved the computational skills combined to offer spectacular results to the users. WooServers have been the mainstay of my business by supporting the ever increasing number of users ready to join the ERP bandwagon installed at the premises of the organization.

I have been particularly blessed with the working of the machines because they are equipped with tremendous capacities such as very high processor frequency supported by a customized RAM of 16 or 32 GB depending on the requirements and specifications of the customers. When I analyse the business decisions of my colleagues, I feel sympathetic towards them for the wrong choice that has created lots of problem in the near future.  Instead of choosing the WooServers, they selected other vendors and suffer from intermittent interruptions in the speed of data transfer creating long term problems for them. I can gauge the impact of the WooServers because they are have proved to be a knight in shining armour for us due to fabulous turn around as well as negligible down time from long term perspective. We couldn’t believe the total cost of the plan which is amazing and affordable for our company. Using the WooServers has provided us a peace of mind to conduct the business activities without delay. Our management has launched an audacious drive to install the servers across the length and breadth of the organization.

Source: Current Client

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