WooServers Review #4: A Network Administrator’s Perspective

Nov 11 2012

Managing a network of more than 500 computers can be a dreadful task and me as information technology manager is expected to perform to the optimum standards to make the website fast and attractive for the users. During installation, the director of my company instructed me to find a hosting solution that could make our auction website one of the most reliable and user friendly in the virtual internet space. Therefore, my quests started in earnest and ended up at the door steps of WooServers that had effective solution to all our problems. After lots of deliberations, we figured out that Linux based VPS 4 could be the ideal alternative because it provided huge bandwidth to manage the data transfer back and forth. Bunch of IP addresses coupled with variety of control panels has been a blessing in disguise for our company creating the necessary infrastructure to handle loads of data related to the sale and purchase of products.

Rollicking features like the free setup option and 5 TB memories attracted me to a great extent since they play a crucial role in quickly loading the website. Most of the users visiting our website have reported an increase in the performance because they can open and access the pages within the shortest possible time. It has been only made possible by the timely induction of the Linux supported option which is also compatible with Ubuntu operating system. Our organization is impressed by the amazing performance of the server and 99.99% uptime with absolutely fabulous technical support from the capable experts of WooServers. It was a breeze to train the employees so that they could manage the various facets of the VPS system. Since its installation there has been a blanket ban on the incidents of spamming and virus attacks offering hassle free operation.

Source: Current Client

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