WooServers Review #5: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Nov 11 2012

Initially while opting for the hosting packages, I was carried away by catchy advertisements and selected the wrong company which gave me a harrowing time. Discounts did not match my expectations and services were a big letdown till one of my friends advised me to have a sneak preview of WooServers and it was love at first sight!  In past my opinion about the windows based system was misplaced and the doubts confirmed in my interactions with the hosting companies, however after talking to the technical representatives from WooServers and browsing their products, I was assured that my requirements would be taken care of without any problem. Purchasing the requisite plan was a cake walk because financial transactions were performed online through the payment gateway. I went with the VPS plan because it looked an enticing alternative and has become the symbol of efficient management and minimum down time.  Loaded with a 5 TB option, they have consistently outscored their opponents in terms of performance and the bandwidth can leave you dazed. I performed the speed test and found the machine quite fabulous in terms of fast browsing which was a revelation for us. Never before we experienced cost effective options provided by the WooServers that have single handedly transformed the hosting scenario.  It is difficult to believe that the system is supported on single machine on the quad platforms couple with the billing cycle of just 100$.

Some of the most important attributes attracting me included the presence of hard disks which could be added or removed based on the desires and preferences of the users.  Our company was extremely blessed when we were offered managed services from the WooServers at a miniscule price of 20 dollars. For me the icing on the cake is 8GB ram installed on the top of the hardware and offering uninterrupted speed to the visually interactive website.

Source: Current Client

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